Constantine Cornwall

Constantine Enterprises Company – AGM

On Thursday 12th May, Mrs Lucie Nottingham opened the Tolmen Garden, a small piece of land behind the Tolmen Centre. Thanks to the generosity of David and Jane Trethowan, the area had been available to the Kids Club when it was set up in the Tolmen Centre. Later in 2010 it became possible for the Constantine Enterprises Company to buy this little meadow, build the toilet block extension and make and a good access into the our proposed garden. Throughout all this work Clare Norris was kind enough to allow access through her field to the garden gate. Without her help nothing could have been achieved, as everything needed for the work would have had to have been carried through the Tolmen Centre building. With the exception of the actual building work everything has been completed by volunteers. A very small number of people have offered help to maintain the new garden area, but more are needed. It would now be great to have a Garden Party (without microphones) or big barbeque to introduce the new facility to the Community.

The CEC and Tolmen Operating Company AGM’s followed, with full financial accounts available on the web site. We had reports from the Tolmen Centre itself, outlining its many activities of the year, including the Literary Pod, the Film Club, the music and theatre events, with special reference to Pipeline Theatre and Kerry’s total sell out on two nights of ‘How long will I love you’. We were updated on the Constantine Museum, Constant Times and Transition Group activities.

There was a brief update on the Post Office situation. Post Office facilities in Constantine ceased on 11th May. No Outreach Office has been set up as no one will take it on at the moment, so in the short term, with thanks to the Social Club, a taxi is provided on Tuesdays at 10.30am to take those with no other way to access a Post Office to Gweek. Pensions can be collected from the Spar if you sign up to a special system, please speak to Kevin. Just as a following note, I have had contact with Bob and Sue Mynett today (Mon 16th). Bob is not so well, with spinal stenosis adding to his problems, but they get out and about most weeks. They send their regards to everyone.

Many people have been involved in the Constantine Enterprises Company’s 18 year existence and it would be good to have some new volunteers to help with its management. If you are interested please contact Liz Moor on 01326 340703. Thanks must always go to the dozens of volunteer workers within our many groups, without whom none of it would happen at all.