Constantine Pre-school launches solar PV campaign

October 29th, 2014 Comments off

In a move initiated by Transition Constantine, the village pre-school has joined the 10:10 Solar Schools campaign.  The aim is to raise £8,000 to install a set of solar PV panels on the roof.  The campaign, which will run throughout the 2104/2015 academic year, was launched at the pre-school Halloween party on Friday 24th October. The project is being led by Alice Kirby, secretary of the pre-school management committee.

Constantine Pre-school







The Solar Schools campaign is being supported this year by the 100% Renewable Energy supplier – Good Energy.  They will contribute £50 to the campaign for every household that switches to them as an electricity supplier.  For further details on how to donate to the pre-school campaign, and for information on how to register your Good Energy ‘switch’, please see the 10:10 Solar Schools website:

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Constantine Community Wind project

September 25th, 2014 Comments off


Transition Constantine has been around for some years now – engaging our community in many things encompassed by the Transition movement.

Due to our geographical location there are restrictions on establishing wind power at any scale. However, we have recently been very fortunate to acquire two low mileage 6kW wind turbines. We are seeking funding to obtain planning permission, purchase the masts and bases, install and connect these machines.

We have the knowledge and expertise to undertake most of the required activity for this project and  after many years of trying to initiate a renewable energy project we would like to move ahead with this one as quickly as possible.

Once up and running, these two turbines will  generate  a small, ongoing income which can be used to develop other renewable energy and low carbon community projects.

There is a current opportunity to secure some grant funding from Energyshare Cornwall, and as the first stage of this process we need to be able to demonstrate significant local support for the project.  The Constantine Community Wind project is set up on the crowdfunder website – just to enable people to register support (there’s no financial commitment involved).  The response has been fantastic, with 96 people registering their support so far (a.m. 25/09/14 !).  It would be wonderful to push this total way beyond the 100-mark – and there are 3 days left to add your support.  If you are interested in supporting the project, please go to:

Have a look at the video on show there – and then please register your support!

Transition Constantine Wind Project

Transition Constantine Wind Project


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Tweet, Tweet!

September 25th, 2014 Comments off

Transition Constantine now has an account on Twitter.  The aim is to pass on selected tweets relating to Transition themes such as energy, climate, local food and local affairs in general.  For those using Twitter – start following @TMConstantine

Transition Constantine Twitter Profile

Transition Constantine on Twitter

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Plans for a Community Land Trust in Constantine

September 25th, 2014 Comments off

Members of Transition Constantine have set in motion the creation of a Community Land Trust to benefit the local community, primarily with the aim of providing some affordable housing for local people.   The Community Land Trust Movement is gaining momentum across the UK, and over 40 have been set up in Cornwall.  The Constantine CLT has now developed its own organisation and is moving ahead to develop the necessary legal status and secure funding. The CLT has its own website, with the aims of the organisation stated on the home page:

Constantine CLT website

Home Page of Constantine Community Land Trust website

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Transition Constantine on Facebook

September 25th, 2014 Comments off

To help keep in touch with the many users of Facebook, Transition Constantine has set up a Facebook page.  For the latest news, posts, comments and events  – check out the page:

Transition Constantine profile

Transition Constantine cover photo



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Tool Library Survey

November 26th, 2013 Comments off

In issue 5 of the Constant Times Transition Constantine announced plans to consider the viability of a tool library where villagers could share those incredibly useful items of equipment that are only ever periodically needed. It is hoped that such a village resource might save unnecessary commercial hire or duplicate purchase of kit as well as encouraging people to get to know each other a bit better.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the survey at the October Farmers Market and for all the kind offers of donations or lends to help set up the scheme. As a result we have begun to piece together those items that seem most popular.

In order to get a better idea of what might items might be most useful, we would be very pleased if more people could complete the survey.  Please consider the list below and use the comments link (at the top right of the page) to tell us your top five items (the ones you most wish you could borrow).

Construction Leisure
Cement Mixer Boat
Scaffold Tower Boat Trailer
Long (extendable) Ladder Canoe
Stepladder Gas BBQ
Acroprops Chiminea
Long handled sledge hammer Gazebo
Crow bar Tent
Tile cutter Camp Beds
Block & Tackle Camping Stoves
Kango Drill/Big SDS Gym Equip/Weights
Flood Light  
Sash Window Clamps Domestic
Lathe Breadmaker
Generator Food processor
Garden/Outside Steam Cleaner
Garden Tool Bank (spades, forks, etc.?) Carpet Washer
Petrol/ride on mower Wet vacuum cleaner
General Purpose Trailer Wallpaper stripper
Pressure Washer
Drain Rods Domestic Emergency
Long reach branch cutter / Shrub cutter Water Pump
Large band saw / tree saw Dehumidifier
Strimmer Heater
Hedge Trimmer Sand bags
Garden Roller Infants
Saw Horse Travel Cot
Post Driver High Chair
Log Splitter Car seat
Rotavator Stair gate
Leaf Blower  
Mechanical Clothes Library
Van Everyone who joins contributes
Car Inspection Ramp Book Library
Trolley Jack  
Engine Winch  
Roof rack/roof box Misc
Battery Charger Projector
Long lengths of rope Sat Nav
Large wrench Wheelchair
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Spotted in Berlin…

November 5th, 2013 Comments off

Wandering around Berlin recently I came across a clutch of EVs from the Car2Go stable, all lined up and plugged in to on-street chargers.  Car2Go operate a membership-based car hire scheme (you can hire by the minute, if needed) and have a presence in a number of European cities.  I tried to visualise a similar scene in Constantine, but I couldn’t make it look quite so orderly….




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Bananas in Constantine

July 14th, 2013 Comments off

Yes! Bananas growing in Constantine!  OK, they’re on on the relatively hardy Japanese banana (Musa Basjoo), and I’m not expecting that they’ll be edible, but it’s still quite exciting.  Apparently, once they reach a certain size, and if they experience more than a year without a frost, they are likely to flower.  And, of course, the photo:

Bananas in Constantine

Bananas in Constantine

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Climate Week Programme

February 27th, 2013 Comments off

Transition Constantine will be supporting the UK’s national Climate Week with a programme of events throughout the week.   These will include:

  • Activities at Constantine Primary School
  • A climate-themed pub quiz at the Trengilly Wartha Inn
  • A screening of the acclaimed film ‘Chasing Ice‘ at the Tolmen Centre
  • A ‘Making Day’ at the Tolmen Centre
  • The first Constantine Farmers’ Market of 2013, with information on the Green Deal available

For details and times of events, please see the full programme below:


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A Facebook page for Transition Constantine

February 10th, 2013 Comments off

Transition Constantine has set up a Facebook page as a way of keeping anyone who shares the group’s interests up to date with what’s going on in the world, locally and globally.  There is now a permanent link to the TC page in the ‘Links’ list to the right, and the full address is:

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