Tool Library Survey

November 26th, 2013 Comments off

In issue 5 of the Constant Times Transition Constantine announced plans to consider the viability of a tool library where villagers could share those incredibly useful items of equipment that are only ever periodically needed. It is hoped that such a village resource might save unnecessary commercial hire or duplicate purchase of kit as well as encouraging people to get to know each other a bit better.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the survey at the October Farmers Market and for all the kind offers of donations or lends to help set up the scheme. As a result we have begun to piece together those items that seem most popular.

In order to get a better idea of what might items might be most useful, we would be very pleased if more people could complete the survey.  Please consider the list below and use the comments link (at the top right of the page) to tell us your top five items (the ones you most wish you could borrow).

Construction Leisure
Cement Mixer Boat
Scaffold Tower Boat Trailer
Long (extendable) Ladder Canoe
Stepladder Gas BBQ
Acroprops Chiminea
Long handled sledge hammer Gazebo
Crow bar Tent
Tile cutter Camp Beds
Block & Tackle Camping Stoves
Kango Drill/Big SDS Gym Equip/Weights
Flood Light  
Sash Window Clamps Domestic
Lathe Breadmaker
Generator Food processor
Garden/Outside Steam Cleaner
Garden Tool Bank (spades, forks, etc.?) Carpet Washer
Petrol/ride on mower Wet vacuum cleaner
General Purpose Trailer Wallpaper stripper
Pressure Washer
Drain Rods Domestic Emergency
Long reach branch cutter / Shrub cutter Water Pump
Large band saw / tree saw Dehumidifier
Strimmer Heater
Hedge Trimmer Sand bags
Garden Roller Infants
Saw Horse Travel Cot
Post Driver High Chair
Log Splitter Car seat
Rotavator Stair gate
Leaf Blower  
Mechanical Clothes Library
Van Everyone who joins contributes
Car Inspection Ramp Book Library
Trolley Jack  
Engine Winch  
Roof rack/roof box Misc
Battery Charger Projector
Long lengths of rope Sat Nav
Large wrench Wheelchair
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Spotted in Berlin…

November 5th, 2013 Comments off

Wandering around Berlin recently I came across a clutch of EVs from the Car2Go stable, all lined up and plugged in to on-street chargers.  Car2Go operate a membership-based car hire scheme (you can hire by the minute, if needed) and have a presence in a number of European cities.  I tried to visualise a similar scene in Constantine, but I couldn’t make it look quite so orderly….




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Bananas in Constantine

July 14th, 2013 Comments off

Yes! Bananas growing in Constantine!  OK, they’re on on the relatively hardy Japanese banana (Musa Basjoo), and I’m not expecting that they’ll be edible, but it’s still quite exciting.  Apparently, once they reach a certain size, and if they experience more than a year without a frost, they are likely to flower.  And, of course, the photo:

Bananas in Constantine

Bananas in Constantine

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Climate Week Programme

February 27th, 2013 Comments off

Transition Constantine will be supporting the UK’s national Climate Week with a programme of events throughout the week.   These will include:

  • Activities at Constantine Primary School
  • A climate-themed pub quiz at the Trengilly Wartha Inn
  • A screening of the acclaimed film ‘Chasing Ice‘ at the Tolmen Centre
  • A ‘Making Day’ at the Tolmen Centre
  • The first Constantine Farmers’ Market of 2013, with information on the Green Deal available

For details and times of events, please see the full programme below:


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A Facebook page for Transition Constantine

February 10th, 2013 Comments off

Transition Constantine has set up a Facebook page as a way of keeping anyone who shares the group’s interests up to date with what’s going on in the world, locally and globally.  There is now a permanent link to the TC page in the ‘Links’ list to the right, and the full address is:

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Satish Kumar on Radio 3

September 20th, 2012 Comments off

Not being a habitual Radio 3 listener, it was by chance earlier in the week that I heard the presenter, Sarah Walker, talking with Satish Kumar (interspersed with his music choices) during her ‘Essential Classics’ programme.  Satish Kumar has been editor of ‘Resurgence’ magazine for decades.  His presence on the programme was apparently associated with the International Day of Peace on Friday 21st September.  He has been appearing on all the programmes this week, talking about his life and beliefs.  Those local to Constantine may already have heard him speak at the ‘Gather’ festival last autumn at Goongillings.  For anyone else who would like to hear him, the programmes are available on iPlayer:





Satish appears about 1 hour 30 minutes into each programme, in a half hour slot.  There’s still time to catch the live programme tomorrow!

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The Rebel Brewing Company in Penryn

September 15th, 2012 Comments off

Coincidentally, with the most recent post being about micro-breweries, I found myself yesterday at the Rebel Brewing Company in Penryn.  I had been trying to track down a local source of malt, since stocks of homebrew were starting to reach seriously low levels.  I first tried Kernow Grow & Brew, also in Penryn, who don’t currently supply malt, but they put me on to the Rebel Brewing Company, saying that they would be happy to supply malt, yeast and hops to home brewers.  And so it turned out.

Rob Lowe at The Rebel Brewing Company

I met Rob Lowe, manager and brewer, and was interested to hear about the business and their plans for a move to a much larger unit in the Kernick Business Park in Penryn, sometime in the next couple of months. Particularly interesting (from the Transition perspective) are the plans to make the new unit as resource-conserving as possible.  Rob says they are aiming to install LED low energy lighting, make use of harvested rainwater, and use anaerobic digestion to process what might normally be viewed as ‘waste’ products from brewing, i.e. the spent grain and hops.  I’ll hope to follow up with more information on this in due course.  Before I left I grabbed the photo-opportunity with Rob, and made use of their off licence to acquire some bottles of Barrowboys Bitter and 80/- Scotch Ale.

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Micro-breweries in Cornwall

September 12th, 2012 Comments off

I was asked the other day if I could think of any local micro breweries.  I ran through a few that came to mind straight away, but was left with the feeling that there are quite a few more that I had forgotten or didn’t know about.  Fortunately, there is a (nearly) comprehensive list of micro-breweries in Cornwall on the Cornwall in focus website.  Lots of detail there: locations, contact details, brewers, beers made, and even recommendations.  It does, though cover the whole of Cornwall.  Relatively local ones on the list are:

  • Atlantic Brewery (Newquay)
  • Blue Anchor Brewery (Helston)
  • Cornish Chough Brewery (Trethvas Farm, The Lizard)
  • Coastal Brewery (Redruth)
  • Driftwood (Spars) Brewery (St. Agnes)
  • Hogswood Brewery (St. Agnes)
  • Lizard Ales (St. Keverne)
  • The Rebel Brewing Co. (Penryn)
  • St. Ives Brewery (St. Ives)

One not on the list linked to above is the Wooden Hand Brewery, heading up towards east Cornwall at Grampound Road.

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Conservative thinking

September 11th, 2012 Comments off

It is in the nature of the internet that one can wander far from an initial path.  I was pursuing a reported endorsement of the new Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, by Nigel Lawson (now Baron Lawson of Blaby).  I was somewhat disturbed by that, given that Nigel Lawson has a reputation as a climate sceptic.  He is a founder and chair of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, whose tag is “Restoring balance and trust to the climate debate”, though the organisation seems primarily engaged in sowing doubt and distrust about climate science.  It was news to me, though obviously well known generally, that (a) Nigel Lawson is the father of Dominic Lawson (a columnist for The Independent and The Sunday Times) who writes from a similarly sceptical perspective, and (b) Dominic Lawson is married to Rosa, sister of Christopher Monckton (who has also become prominent as a climate change sceptic).  All this is really a by-the way to the fact the these enquiries led me to the DeSmogBlog (dedicated to “clearing the pollution that clouds climate science”).  This site has some interesting mini-bios of both Nigel Lawson and Christopher Monckton (amongst many others!).

I discovered on DeSmogBlog a number of articles by Chris Mooney on the question of why there is a tendency for conservatives to be anti-science and distrustful of scientific evidence.  He has explored this theme in recent books: ‘The Republican War on Science‘ and ‘The Republican Brain’.  These draw on recent psychological research to suggest that conservatives have different personality types and psychological needs compared with those identified as ‘liberals’.  Grossly simplifying, he suggests that conservatives resist scientific evidence not because they are stupid, but rather because they are psychologically unable to accept ideas that conflict with deeply held prior beliefs.  A rich vein to explore.

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Chough, Chough

September 10th, 2012 Comments off

Not really Transition-related, this one, apart from being a symbol of ‘localness’!  Walking from the Lizard lighthouse yesterday towards Housel Bay, I passed a couple of Choughs foraging in the field, and couldn’t resist the photo.

Lizard Choughs

Choughs near the Lizard lighthouse

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