Open Studios 2011 – May28 -June 5

A number of local artists and makers will be involved in this event which is coming soon! Look out for the distinctive orange circle on the catalogue of artists, which can be obtained free from the Tolmen Centre and the Post office.
Participating artists:
Paula Downing – ceramics, mixed media
Lyrebird – jewellry, textiles
Maxine Hart – drawings, paintings
Lin Williams – paintings – cards
Annabel harris – paintings – drawings

Do follow the Orange circle notices and support members of our local creative community – visit their studios and see them at work – great fun!

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Renewable Energy exhibition – Gaia Centre – July

Gaia Centre flyer A5x2

UK sees warmest April on record

Moving Planet – A day to move beyond fossil fuels – Sept 24th

An initiative from


Worries over solar panel salesman



The chance of the UK government living up to its promise to be the greenest ever is vanishingly remote, says former adviser Jonathon Porritt.

Setting up a food co-op or buying group

“Are you interested in buying fresh local food, organic food or wholefoods? Would you like to buy good food with friends, neighbours or other people in your community? Would you like to find out if buying food with others could save you money?”

See here for details of a free workshop on these kind of questions, organised jointly by the Soil Association and Sustain. It will be held in Chacewater on Tuesday May 3 2011.   This particular event may already be fully subscribed, but if you are interested in further events of the same kind, or in further information, please contact the address given.

Update from Jeremy Leggett at Solar Century


In the best short TV account I have yet seen on the peak-oil problem, the IEA’s chief economist is teased into going as far as I have ever seen or heard him go in saying that a crisis of global oil supply is near. Meanwhile, a poll of oil-and-gas industry leaders shows that the majority  now think that the biggest share of world energy in 2025 will be held not by oil or gas, or coal, but renewables. This wasn’t the case a year ago.  Maybe relatedly, Total became the first oil giant to inject a billion dollars into a solar company last week. The French company is probably just hedging bets. It made a bet on nuclear earlier (now looking somewhat shaky). It may or may not be of significance  that Total is the only oil major to have expressed concern publicly about peak oil. Whatever, the drama brews on.

All this and much more can be found in my Triple Crunch Log, updated through end April on my website: unrest in the Middle East and its impact on oil, Fukushima and its impact on nuclear prospects …..selections from all the relevant unfolding stories as I encountered them in my reading.