Warning – extreme weather ahead ?

Tornados, wildfires, droughts and floods were once seen as freak conditions. But the environmental disasters now striking the world are shocking signs of ‘global weirding’

John Vidal, Tuesday June 14 2011, The Guardian

Cycle routes may boost tourism in South West

More than £7m of European money is being spent on connecting cycle routes in the South West in a bid to attract more tourists to the region.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/news/uk-england-13880001 >

UK’s Greenhouse gas emissions not falling fast enough

The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are not falling fast enough to meet government targets, say the Committee on Climate Change.

Community Power Cornwall Share Offer – Extended

The share issue by Community Power Cornwall to raise funds for the installation of community based wind turbines in Cornwall has had its deadline extended to 19th July. You can read about the success to date and get more information at:


This does not constitute an endorsement by Transition Constantine – it is up to individuals to assess any financial risk/benefit.