Gather at Scot’s Quay – Moved the Planet along ?

Saturday 24th September saw a gathering of folk in the fields adjacent to Scot’s Quay to mark 45 years of Resurgence magazine and local support for the international event Moving Planet .   In line with Satish Kumar’s famous multi-thousand mile walks in pursuit of peace – Transition Constantine organised a walk  from the village down to Scot’s Quay – ably led by children from the school carrying flags they had made earlier in the week.  The Gather event included a number of musicians and bands, tree listening, charcoal buying, natural paint making, and dance – all leading up to a session with Satish Kumar being interviewed by Leo Hickman of the Guardian – on Satish’s wide ranging and inspirational thoughts over the last 45 years.  During the afternoon everyone took part in creating two large scale human banners for – shortly to appear on the Moving Planet website.

Green Johanna composter still available

Last year Constantine school had a successful assembly about home food waste composting, and a number of council-subsidised ‘Green Johanna’ compost bins were bought by village families as a result.  This type of compost bin is still available at a subsidised price (£25) from the S.O.F.A. project in Pool:

S.O.F.A., Unit C3, Pool Business Park, Dudnance Lane, Pool, Redruth  TR15 3QW

Tel: 01209 719733

As of last week, they still had over 30 in stock – but be prepared to pay in cash.

Other types of compost bin (and other items associated with recycling) are also available to order on-line at subsidised prices from the Cornwall Council Get Composting website.



Climate Reality – worldwide event to raise awareness of Climate Change

Al Gore is promoting a  worldwide rolling 24 hour event on 17/18th September – tune in to the broadcast coming out of London. One of our local Climate Change scientists based at Tremough will be participating from the LSE. Information here…..

Moving Planet – A day to move beyond fossil fuels – 24th September is organising  a worldwide event on 24th September to raise the issues related to the continuing rise in emissions of greenhouse gases. 350 ppm is suggested as the level of  greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at which a global average temperature rise can be limited go  2C. We are currently at 393 ppm and rising….

Watch this space for announcement of local events related to the activity on 24th September .

Funding available for Solar PV for Cornish Communities

Over £20million is reported to be available to fund the installation of Solar PV systems on Community buildings in Cornwall. This funding provides for so-called “free” PV – i.e. the community will benefit if and when it can make use of any electricity being generated by the solar panels. The funders will benefit from the Feed-in-Tariff. However, this is a mechanism to get Community Solar PV systems installed. If anyone responsible for a community building in Constantine wishes to take advantage of this – please make contact with Transition Constantine or with CEP directly.  These systems have to be installed by March 2012. Further information here

Villagers trial green energy

Ladock and Grampound have both benefitted from the Low Carbon Communities Challenge in November 2009 – we need to keep our eyes open for the next time around…….

Community Power Cornwall installs first turbines

The recently formed Community Power Cornwall has completed its recent share issue and now has a total of £80,000 to invest in its early  projects. The first of these is the installation of two 55kW wind turbines at Tregerrick Farm, Gorran. One of their projects, closer to Constantine, is a turbine proposed for Bishops Forum – currently held up by a planning objection.

Funding available for farmers to invest in renewable energy