Constantine Community Library

Many people have collections of books sitting on their shelves gathering dust.  Most people are happy to lend books to people they know.  Lots of people would be glad to borrow a book rather than pay for a copy of their own.  This state of affairs brought on a ‘light bulb’ moment recently for Robin Curtis, chairman of Transition Constantine.  Why not publish a list of books available to borrow, with details of who has them, and then leave the potential borrower to contact the lender and arrange the loan?  Within a small community the personal contact should create a certain level of trust and obligation, and it would be an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests.

A pilot online ‘library’ has been set up as a trial.  The current collection of books available is broadly on ‘Transition’ themes, but it could be expanded to cover any number of subject areas.  The only limit is the number of people participating and the books they are willing to lend out.  The library is now listed under the ‘Links’ section on the right hand side of the page, or from this article just go to Constantine Community Library.

You can search the catalogue by subject or author (or just download a full list of what’s available).  Selecting an individual book will bring up the contact details of the person who has the book (phone or email).  It’s then up to you to make contact and arrange the collection.  If anyone else wants to participate in the scheme and offer books for loan, please contact Chris Hussey (340007 or chris.r.hussey *at*