11 May 2020

Helston Local Food Hub

Chris Hussey

Produce from a number of local traders who have stalls at Helston Farmers’ Market is now available via the Helston Food Hub. To quote from the Food Hub’s website:

“Helston Local Food Hub is a new way of shopping each week for your favourite local food that you can usually only buy once a month from Helston Farmers’ Market. This is like a ‘click and collect’ service you might be familiar with at a supermarket but using the Open Food Network website to trade from and drawing in produce from a number of local producers who currently all trade at Helston Farmers’ Market. You can filter the items by producer or by the product type e.g. ‘Dairy’ or ‘Bread and Baking’.

We work in order cycles, opening up the online shop for a few days each week for you to shop from. We will then collect all the orders at the Old Cattle Market in Helston and give you a time slot to come and collect your order on the Saturday morning.”

Here’s a link to the ‘shop’ page of the Helston Local Food Hub where there is much more detail about the service: