Constantine Cornwall

Friday 20th April 2018


A Cottage on Dartmoor

Wurlitza are a critically acclaimed five piece band from South East Cornwall who add live soundtracks to silent films in a way that is completely unique.

Our audiences  have been amazed by their previous shows Piccadilly,  Diary of a Lost Girl and Sunrise,   They are genuinely unique, their shows provide a remarkable  double edged experience:  a classic black and white silent film worth seeing in itself, but with the addition of a unique live  musical soundtrack performed in front of you by a five piece band.

Wurlitza’s wide ranging repertoire includes original, pop, contemporary, classical, jazz and klezmer music.

Expect the unexpected!

Wurlitza add a modern twist to silent film accompaniment by adding music that will be familiar, but arranged in a way that is novel and fresh.

The soundtrack to A Cottage in Dartmoor includes classical pieces by Mozart, Chopin and Villa Lobos, alongside jazz and pop songs from Serge Gainsbourgh, Blondie, Buddy Holly and Coldplay.

A Cottage on Dartmoor is a thriller of love, jealousy and hairdressing.

Made in 1929 by the young Anthony Asquith, this film explores the latest craze to have been hitting the cinemas; the talkies.

One of the last silent films to be made, this is early British cinema at its best.

Tickets £10 (concessions £8) from 01326 341353 or online from

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