Constantine Cornwall

Constantine Arts Society

– come and join when we’re back to normal

Everyone can draw and paint. If you ask young children to paint a picture, none of them will say they can’t paint. If you ask a person who has left school, probably only those who were “good at art” or have gone on to study art in some form will say they can.

Constantine Arts Society was founded in 1974 and has had 45 summer exhibitions in the Church Hall. We normally meet every Tuesday from 11 to 4 in the hall during term time, but for the time being, unfortunately these are suspended during the Coronavirus emergency.

About twice a term we have visiting artists who take workshops, which are optional. The rest of the time it is a drop in group where people bring their own drawing, painting or craft work and spend some or all of the time doing their own work and chatting to other people in a friendly atmosphere. Tea, coffee and biscuits are plentiful, as is help from other artists.

You don’t need to be an accomplished artist to join us, we have beginners, artists who paint or draw for fun, and those who sell their work in galleries and exhibitions. If anyone needs help there are always willing artists to suggest what to do, what materials to buy or where to seek inspiration.

If you would like to join us when things get back to normal, why not come along one Tuesday to see what we do? It only costs £10 a term to be a member and £15 for a workshop day with an artist. Compare these prices with painting holi- days and courses at other places!

If you are a member you can exhibit your paintings, drawings or craftwork in our summer exhibition. You can choose whether to offer your work for sale. We have a well attended opening night as well as social events at Easter and Christmas. We also like to support a charity each year at the exhibition and raise funds for Constantine School.

Please join us, you would be very welcome.