Constantine Cornwall

Constantine Cottage Garden Society

Peter Wilson, Chair

This edition would have been mostly about our Summer Show that was due to take place in July. We would have been blessed with marvelous weather and I’m sure the day would have been a tremendous occasion. The last time the show was cancelled was during the Second World War although a show did take place in 1945, where money was raised for the local forces tribute fund. There was a similar occurrence in the Great War, it again resuming in 1919. After such a long period of absence during both wars, I bet it was a great morale booster for the village.

Constantine Cottage Garden Society’s 2019 Summer Show in happier times

Whilst our current predicament cannot be compared to those events, we must certainly look to next year and if we are not able to hold a full show, we must see how we can try to have some involvement of the various categories. It will certainly be feasible to judge, best gardens, hanging baskets in the Division 9 category, maybe a virtual show via Facebook or web pages will be an option. The committee are open to suggestions for this. As the cups presented in 2019 have not been collected, can I please ask that those winning recipients of that year, please ensure the cups are safe and stored securely, ready for collection at a later date.

The Constantine Cottage Garden Society Facebook page is now operational, several members have joined so please have a look and join, so we can boost the numbers. It is a chance to share pictures, ideas, problems we all encounter while gardening. If you are not on Facebook, please feel free to use me as a conduit for items, issues to be posted.

As the summer schedule visits have all been cancelled, we are currently unable to arrange the winter program of talks in the WI hall. There are a number of health and safety issues which preclude the use of the hall and until these can be addressed, it is unfortunately closed for meetings.

While we have had a lovely spring and summer so far this year, our attention as Gardeners’ undoubtedly turns to the Autumn and the inevitable garden tidy up. While that seems a little way off yet, just take a few moments out of your busy schedules and enjoy your garden, while the sultry days of summer slowly ebb into the Autumn.