Constantine Cornwall

Danny Konik, Cornwall Council Community Partnership Officer

February 2020

Danny said that he has worked as head gardener at Gyllyngdune Gardens and Heartlands. He is now employed by Cormac Horticultural Section and is responsible for working with volunteers in the whole of the West Cornwall area. The Horticultural Section helps maintain a variety of public sites in Cornwall such as: municipal parks/gardens, roundabouts/verges, cemeteries, public rights of way (all 4442km), trails, woodlands, sports grounds. He said that there are some challenges to the work the Section does, explaining that a minority of the public have proved to be uncooperative concerning such things as vandalism, plant theft, dog fouling, damage to sports facilities. However, involving pupils in the planting of some public areas has reduced vandalism dramatically in these areas over a period of years. Danny has been involved with the Friends of Victoria Park and the Bowls Club, creating a ‘green oasis’ in the heart of Redruth. Similar volunteer groups have helped Victoria Gardens Truro and Fox Rosehill Gardens in Falmouth.

He gave particular mention about a volunteer group composed of less academically able young adults. Due to financial cutbacks, there has been a tendency to leave these young adults without help when they have completed formal education. However, this group has proved to be a useful asset and has given them some sense of purpose as well as opportunities to learn new skills. Indeed, one member of this group is now employed by the Horticultural Section.