Constantine Cornwall

Spring update

Unfortunately with the Covid-19 virus the garden society programme for 2020 came to an abrupt end in early March. All meetings were cancelled and the Summer Programme has been put on hold until further advice is received from the Government. This has of course meant the unfortunate cancellation of our Summer Show, which would have been held on Saturday 18th July.

As the Lockdown has extended, it has given a few people the incentive to start gardening, with a number of tabloids running quite a few articles on ‘How to garden’. Naturally those new to gardening have wanted to obtain, compost, seeds plants etc, but with garden centres closed it has been problematic. With the desire for an instant Alan Titchmarsh ‘Love your Garden’ style garden; being unable to acquire these items has prevented a few progressing a new found hobby. The garden Society previously had a seed share scheme administered by members and as many neighbours do swap excess plants and cuttings, this is perhaps something that we can look to re establish, should the isolation and lockdown continue for some time.

For those new to gardening, the society has many experienced horticulturalists, who would willingly give advice to get you started. In order to assist with this and to promote the garden society, I have been working on a group Facebook page, which will be established in the near future. Members will be able to join, post pictures, ask questions to better their knowledge of our hobby. This will hopefully be ready for a future publication of this magazine or for discussion during the winter programme.

All that is really left to say for this edition is, albeit we have excellent gardening weather, please stay safe or should we now say, stay alert and take care of yourselves and family members