Constantine Cornwall

Annual General Meeting

Dear Reader,

In view of the very serious coronavirus situation we have had to make alternative arrangements for the CEC/TOC Annual General Meeting in May this year.

Instead of holding our usual open meeting we are having to conduct matters on-line & by email.

In this connection & for your ease of information, I have pleasure in providing copies of the following, which would normally be presented at the AGM:

  1. AGM 2020 Chairmans report
  2. AGM Minutes May 2019
  3. Sub Group Reports 2020
  4. TOC Accounts 2018-19
  5. TOC AGM Update
  6. Directors Re-election nomination form

Should you wish to make any comments or raise any queries, please would you email them to by 1 May & we will do our best to answer them.

I hope you will agree it has been a successful year for the CEC & TOC, although there is still plenty more for us to achieve.

We are sorry that we cannot hold a meeting this year but appreciate you interest & support of the CEC & all that it does.

Wishing you well for the future,

Tracey Clowes
Honorary Chair of CEC