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Constantine School News

We are so happy to all be back in school again. Whilst we still have restrictions in place regarding start and finish times, we are very much looking forward to the rules relaxing more later this term so we can continue with our CPS Summer Term traditions. Despite the unusual circumstances, we have a very full and buzzing school with children who are keen to learn which we are very grateful for.

Kids Council Walking to school Initiative
Kenwyn Class were thrilled to be the first winners of walking the most steps to school. Our Kids Council do a wonderful job of constantly reminding children to log their steps and the fact they are walking rather than being driven. Our Governors have purchased two trophies. The KS2 trophy counts steps and the KS1 trophy is for how many children walk each day.

Assembly and Collective Worship
As we still have restrictions to follow, assemblies are held in each class daily. Every class joins Mrs G on Microsoft Teams on a Monday and during this time our team captains present the certificates and announce the winning colour team for the previous week. Every class also has a celebration assembly where certificates for success are presented. This is all uploaded onto Class Dojo weekly for parents to see also.

Our whole school Summer Term topic is Cornwall. We love this topic in school and as the term progresses we become more and more immersed in everything Cornish. Through studying our local area, children will learn about the mining heritage of our county. Through geographical enquiry, children will discover the diverse features of Cornwall and be able to locate famous Cornish landmarks. Art will also be a large focus this term as we explore Cornwall’s most influential artists.

We are enriching our curriculum through the expertise of outside support even though we haven’t been allowed to go on school visits. The children in Tamar (Y5) and Tresillian (Y6) classes really learned a lot from a guest speaker from Kresen Kernow as they learned all about the important documents that are stored there.

On a Teams presentation they heard all about mining in Cornwall and the Levant Mine disaster. The children listened so well and followed up their learning by examining some historical documents from the Cornwall archives.

Fal Class Visitor
Our Reception Class enjoyed a visit from OTS, our local and professional coach company. It was a real treat as many of us had never been on a bus before. Huge thanks to Steve and Craig of OTS.

Keeping Clean
Fal Class have also been learning about keeping their bodies clean and healthy. Teeth are tricky objects to clean well, but it’s so important that we do a good job. The children practised on a giant model and there was much excitement when every child was given a new toothbrush and toothpaste so they could practise at home on their own teeth.

These children have been waiting very patiently for their seeds to germinate. Finally after a few weeks we saw that our rocket was growing shoots – Hooray! We have also planted sweet peas, sunflowers in the sunshine. We are looking forward to seeing how many potatoes we can grow. We have been using vegetables that have already grown to make vegetable super heroes.

Year 5 have been writing romantically, inspired by modelled writing based on the text: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Wonderful love letters were written by Lysander to Hermia by Florence, Matty and Toby.

What a beautiful county we live in
We have loved exploring our local area in recent months. We have been to the woods and Delilah in Lerryn class walked all of the way from Lands End to Nanjizal and back again! What an amazing adventure Delilah. What beautiful views you had too and check out the huge oyster shell Morva found – it’s as big as her head!!!

To infinity and beyond…
Helford class had a wonderful opportunity to interview an engineer from Cornwall’s Spaceport. It was fascinating to learn about the Spaceport’s futures projects. We wish our aspiring engineers good luck with their competition designs: Andrew, Arlo, Maeve, Sally, Elsie, Eliza and Emma.

G7 poetry competition
We had some pupils who entered. Here are Adi and Edith’s poems:

‘Climate change’ by Adi

Welcome to our county,
and although its rather small,
Here we stand together, and welcome one and all.
But look under the ocean and plastic you may see,
We want you to change the world’s climate policy.
The world will need more oxygen and should be plastic free,
Mother Earth’s not happy as you cut down lots of trees.
Australia was burning, there’s famine war and pain,

Ice caps are melting quickly to cause torrential rain.
Nature is not happy for its feeling rough and worn,
But it’s reacting quickly whether wave or drought or storm.
You have come to our county to discuss climate change,
You’re the leaders of the globe: what can you arrange?
Please do something quick or soon you shall see,
Be nice to our planet, ‘cos there’s
no planet B!

Edith’s poem

Nature comes in sizes big and tiny, tall and small.
As you rush past our Cornish hedgerows,

only leaving a speck of red, as red as a robin’s breast,
slow down, as slow as a snail.

Listen to the birds singing loudly, as loud as a lion’s roar.
Listen to the patter of rain drops,
falling on the path and the drops beating like drums.
Acorns fall in Autumn as blossoms bloom in Spring.
If the birds don’t sing and the rain did not fall, listen to the wind and the gale.

Gaze at glossy daffodil fields, and bold foxglove patches.
Pink, purple and white. Let howling wind blow, like a growling wolf.
Let the weather and nature guide you
to lands and deserts and soft silky beaches, and wet blue seas.

Think of nature and how we, us humans can help it.
Just wonder, what if it all wasn’t here?

We now know that Edith’s poem has been shortlisted and now it’s up to Boris to pick the winner. We know Edith and Adi are winners already and we all have our fingers and toes tightly crossed and are extremely proud of both of them!