Constantine Silver Band

Gorseth Kernow 2006

Contantine Silver Band’s Gorseth Kernow Award: 26 September 2006

On a summer’s day in Comwall, with a gale-force wind and driving rain, Fran and I set out to Redruth School to attend a Gorseth Ceremony. We had the honour of representing Constantine Silver Band to accept an award from the Gorsedd Council in appreciating the Bands contribution to music.

With much excitement and nervous anticipation we joined other award winners in the main hall to attend the ceremony. It was a very moving experience with hundreds of bards in their blue robes and Cornish colours with the Grand Bard embellished in Copper. After the bards’ procession there followed a formal welcome, a Herald Bard to the Homer to soundEast, South, West and North of Cornwall.

There then followed a prayer, Grand Bard and responses, before the charming Flower Dance of about 20 children in green tunics and wearing beautiful headdresses, giving a delightful dance routine. Then came the offering of the Fruits of the earlh and song relating to the seasons.

The Deputy Grand Bard then acknowledged the comrades who have gone from the world during the past year and acknowledged to God the help He gave them in performing their work in Cornwall, then a hymn and initiation of new bards followed by short speeches, announcements and presentations.

This is our moment and we walk together, heads held high, towards the Grand Bard. In a line of other award recipients at last we go forward accompanied by a bard holding a copper-top staff and receive a beautiful large copper salver and certificate, to much applause. This was towards the end of the ceremony and, with the Sword of King Arthur, Song and Cry of Peace, the ceremony closed with the procession of the bards, headed by the newly crowned bard Mrs V. Beeman and accompanied by members of old Cornwall Societies and other Cornish Associations.

It was a memorable occasion and one on which we were proud to be Cornish and accept the award on behalf of the Band.

W. D. Down

Mrs V Beeman, Fran and Dougie Down with the band’s award