Constantine Silver Band

Keskerdh Kernow 500

Marching across Blackheath

In 1997 the Constantine Silver Band lead 500 Keskerdh Kernow walkers through Greenwhich Park and onto Blackheath, where 500 years before the Cornish Rebellion came to an end with Cornish leaders Michael An Gof and Thomas Flamank being hung, drawn and quartered. The Cornish rebelled because of the high taxes being imposed on them by the King to fight the Scots. The band played at the unveiling service of a commemorative plaque situated on Greenwhich Park wall overlooking Blackheath. Permission for the plaque to be erected was from HRH Duke of Cornwall – Prince Charles. The band then marched across Blackheath before giving a concert prior to the rugby match between Cornwall and England (Kent) which on this occasion the Cornish won.