Constantine Cornwall

WI in Constantine

1951 was the year that the dear ladies of our village formed the Constantine Branch of the Women’s Institute. They were fortunate to have the use of the Pavilion as the venue for the first memorable meeting. 

The Pavilion was initially built for the older gentlemen of the village who met there most afternoons (in winter round a roaring log fire) to cart and play cards or dominos and watch cricket or football matches. 

The first WI meeting was held on the 6th July 1951. Some of the ladies present were Mrs Allson, Mrs Cavendish, Mrs Crossswaite, Mrs B Hocking, Mrs L Hocking, Mrs Hodges, Mrs Medlin, Mrs Mossop, Mrs Old, Mrs Pascoe, Mrs Pengelly, Mrs Rowe, Mrs Tredwen, and Mrs Wearne. Elsie Julian as VCO presided over the meeting and got them off on the ‘right foot’, giving lots of help, advice and encouragement. 

Mrs L Hocking was elected Treasurer and Mrs L Rowe was elected as our first President. It was decided that they would meet on the 2nd Monday of every month with the committee meeting held on the previous Monday. The ladies wished to thank the ‘Gentlemen of the Pavilion’ for allowing them the use of the hall for their meetings and hoped one day they would have a hall of their own.