Constantine Cornwall

Cricket in Constantine


Nigel Logan

Cricket in Constantine has a long history and today, in Boulder Parc we can boast that we have one of the best village grounds in the county with a spacious, bright and modern pavilion with its very own Long Room. Boulder Parc is currently home to two clubs ‚ Constantine CC who play in the Cornwall league on Saturdays and Trengilly CC who play Sunday cricket against a mixture of occasional, village and touring sides. Next year we hope to enter a team into the midweek Mining League where the shortened 20/20 form of the Game is played. The season runs from April through September.

Constantine CC was founded in 1926 and moved to Boulder Parc in 1997. Prior to that cricket was played on the Recreation (football) Ground. This was never a satisfactory arrangement as the seasons overlapped and made preparation of the wickets very difficult. I remember watching a team of cricketers on hands and knees with teaspoons and buckets of topsoil working their way across the ‚ square filling football stud indentations. The creation of Boulder Parc was a remarkable project led by Mark Rowe, who remains today the driving force behind the Club and is very much Head Groundsman. Club President, George Dengler first played cricket for the village in 1938.

Trengilly CC was formed in 1991 and for nearly twenty years had their own ground at Trevassack. In 2012 the very difficult decision was made to leave Trevassack, pool our resources and move to the purpose built Boulder Parc facility. The move has worked very well with both clubs sharing resources and players and we are all convinced that the Game in the village is stronger as a result.

We are all determined to build on the strengths we have and will strive to grow the Game in the village. We will outreach to the community to encourage everybody, young and old, to get involved. We are very excited that Constantine School is now one of very few Primary Schools that is teaching cricket and will do everything we can to help this along. Please come along to Boulder Parc next season and watch and even better get involved at whatever level or capacity you can. Turn up at tea and you might even get a free cuppa!

Mark Rowe, Secretary, Constantine C.C. 340226 or via Constantine Stores Will Lea, 340332 or via Trengilly Wartha Inn
David Lloyd, Chairman, Constantine C.C. 341154
Nigel Logan, Chairman, Trengilly C.C. 340583