Constantine Cornwall

Infinity Pool

Nominated for a Total Theatre Award, Infinity Pool is the latest play from the local writer of And Then Come The Nightjars, Bea Roberts

STOP PRESS: This show is in the Top 5 “Editors Theatre Picks” in the Saturday Guardian of 25th February

Emails unopened, cup-a-soup undrunk, a secret in the stock room; Emma Barnicott life is leaking as she pines for a world beyond her trading estate office.When she meets a man online who wants to talk to her about more than boilers and two port valves Emma must decide if the chance of a joyous love is worth trading for an imperfect life – or will there always be dead woodlice in the infinity pool? An outstanding performance by Bea Roberts, author of And Then come the Nightjars.

‚ Utterly unique and exceptional in every way, it a heart-breaking story of a stunted life, told with theatrical verve and palpable compassion
‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ The Stage

‚ Rare and extraordinary: exceptional storytelling that is full of theatrical spirit.
‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ The List

‚ Completely different and deliciously quirky‚ this original show proved painfully funny and oddly moving.
‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ The Guardian

‚ Roberts is an intensely funny writer‚a writer to watch
‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ The Telegraph

‚ What at first seems to be a rather small, modest play turns out to be not only a tender, finely observed portrait of male friendship, but also a stirring requiem for the vanishing dignity of rural England.
‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ‚òÖ The Evening Standard

Tickets £10, £8