Constantine Cornwall

Library for Little People

Barbara (who manages the Tolmen Centre) is interested in starting a book (and possibly toy) exchange and library aimed at the toddler/infant market ‚ well, at the parents, actually. At the moment the Tolmen has a very informal fiction library, in which people give us books which we lend out ‚ free of charge. Barbara idea is that we could extend this to books for the very young ‚ and possibly toys too. As a recent grandparent, she finds herself running out of books to keep her toddler granddaughter supplied with stories, and, at the same time, has quite a collection of books she would happily lend out.

The Tolmen Centre is open during the day on Thursdays when Barbara runs the Café there, so that would be a good day to operate the exchange, but it could work at any time if there was someone who felt able to be there to receive items given, and to arrange the lending. If there anyone who felt they would like to help get this off the ground, and help Barbara try the idea out, please give her a ring on 340630 or call in at the Tolmen on a Thursday. Anyone with surplus books for toddlers to offer would be warmly welcomed too.

By the way, for those with toddlers at home, you may not be aware that Chloe runs Todlins at the Tolmen on Wednesday mornings. It an organised mix of music and play for children accompanied by a parent, and a chance for parents to mix and chat over a coffee. It has really taken off recently, but there is always room for a few more. Phone Chloe on 07977418566 or email

Charlie Pugh