Constantine Cornwall

Mullion School

Comprehensive 11- 18 years
Seaver Road, Mullion, Helston
(01326) 240098

Life is good at Mullion. The students, staff, governors and parents are proud of their school, which serves the community on the Lizard peninsula.
We have first class teachers and we are sent well motivated pupils with positive supportive parents.

“The school is one where, quite genuinely, every child matters.” So says a parent, whose views are quoted in the Ofsted Report that has just been published on Mullion School. A team of 4 Inspectors visited the school, over two days, last month and they have given the school a glowing report.

The report opens with the following statement. “This is an outstanding school. It meets the needs of individual students exceptionally well in most aspects of its work. Parents and carers are overwhelminglypositive about the work of the school.” A parent/carer wrote: “The school is exceptionally aware of each child as an individual and concerned to meet all their needs.”