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Museum achieves Arts Council Accreditation

mas-english-black-1On 30th June the Arts Council England’s web site confirmed that the museum had been awarded full accreditation. This accolade has been an objective since the current museum was established in 2005. The volunteers worked hard from 2013 – 2015 to ensure that all the necessary policies were in place and that our practices would meet the exacting standards expected by the Arts Council. The standards used are the same for the British Museum as our small museum. Unfortunately, following submission in May 2015 there was long delay, but the Arts Council eventually began processing our application in January. We had a visit by an assessor to make sure that what was written was happening in practice. Following the visit we expected to be awarded full accreditation in February, but there were some queries about the relationship of the museum to the Constantine Enterprises Company which had to be resolved thus a decision was not possible until the national panel met in June.

Members of the community who donate and loan items to the museum can now be sure that we record, conserve and display items according to national standards. Accreditation also means that we can apply to a wider range of grant providers.