Constantine Cornwall

A new chapter for Constantine’s history

Twenty years ago, two village historians, Gerald Trethowan and Liz Moore, compiled and published ‘The Book of Constantine – The Parish Yesterday and Today’. It is now out of print, so if you have a copy, you are one of the lucky few as they are almost as rare as hens’ teeth, and quite expensive if one comes up for auction. The book covered many aspects of Constantine’s history, including wartime, industry, education, sport, shops, music, Church and Chapel, and village characters.

Just prior to lockdown, Sally Coot and I had plans to create an archive of local stories, interviewing Constantinians about life in the village, and we planned to use the many photographs held at the Museum to trigger memories. Another casualty of Covid you may say, but NO, quite the opposite. Sally and I have formulated a plan to go one stage further and are hoping to create a second ‘Book of Constantine’ to complement the first compiled by Trethowan and Moore. We are giving ourselves 2 years to research stories and photographs, edit and publish, however we can’t do this without you.

Whether you have lived in the village all your life, or like me, just a few years, we have all seen and been part of the changes and have made a contribution, however small, to its evolving life and history. We would love to hear stories and see your photographs although we cannot promise everything will be included in the final edit!

Please telephone Sally Coot 340050, or Tracey Clowes on 340279 if you want to know more.

Tracey Clowes