Constantine Cornwall

Bird boxes for Bosahan woods

Terry Swainsbury (on behalf of the Bosahan Woodlands Committee)

I would like to thank, Martin, Jack, Stewart, Roger, Mark, Jan, Alex, Robert, Mike, Luke, Andrew and Chris for their enthusiastic response to my appeal for the building of bird and bat boxes. I have already received notification from some volunteers about their completed projects. Please could you either keep the box or boxes until March or alternatively I could collect and store them. If anyone else would like copies of the plans, please contact me. However, I am conscious that we are in the first phase of the project and I am mindful of needlessly overpopulating the woods with nesting opportunities! With this in mind, I would advise that if you would like to contribute to the project, please hold fire until I have a better idea of the numbers and types of boxes made.

Please feel free to contact me for further advice or information. I’m particularly keen for children to get involved in improving the biodiversity of the woods. If anyone has ideas regarding building ‘Bug Hotels’ or similar child-friendly projects, then I’m open to ideas. 01326 340661