Constantine Cornwall

Bosahan Woods Management Team Quarterly Report

After a very busy October re-instating the middle path, there has been a lull in work. The Bosahan Woods Management Team met on 7th November 2019.

The renovation of the path went well, despite rain every day for the 7 days we worked on the path. We had over 400 hours of volunteer time and were overwhelmed by the support given to the project. We all received emails, phone calls, were stopped in the street, at the Social Club, Church, WI Soup and Pud and doctor’s surgery, by people saying thank you for opening up the woods again and for being able to walk alongside each other and look around appreciating the woods themselves. The total cost was £5,675.64. VAT is being claimed back for the fund. A big thank you to John Williams and Richard Mann for their expertise enabling this project to be completed, and to all the volunteers, cake and catering teams that kept us going. The constant bad weather this winter has really tested the path, which seems to be standing up very well.

Muriel’s oak bench was made and fitted by Martin Day and has slotted into the environment very well and is frequently used. The Forest School is still enjoying the woods very much when the weather permits and is teaming up with the Fal class at the Primary School to use the woods in the future. All very positive!

Dens and swings are regularly monitored to make sure they are as safe as they can be in a woodland environment and were last reviewed in November. No significant issues were observed.

Transition Constantine asked us to consider the possibility of taking the Glebe Garden under our umbrella, including the land, within our insurance if it could be purchased or leased for the village. The aim is for Transition Constantine to look after it. In principle, this would be something in which we might be interested but require more detail.

We discussed the need for a long term plan for the management of the wood and trees, and after consideration of companies available, we agreed to ask Tim Scott-Ellis BSc. Hons (For) Dip Arb (RFS) F Arbor A, MICFor, MRICS, a Consultant Arborist , who is well respected within his field, to look at our woods and trees, which he did. He reported his findings to both us and Cornwall Council, who had concerns about digger work cutting into the path banks and damaging tree roots. Tim was able to reassure the Council in his report (which includes photographs) that he did not believe any significant damage had been done to any existing trees, or would affect their continued health and condition in the future. He also mentioned a red squirrel project that might interest us. The full report was to be discussed in detail at the next Team meeting in February.