Constantine Cornwall

Community Plans for the Glebe

Back in February when Transition Constantine updated readers on progress towards securing a lease for community use of the Glebe Woodland Garden, it seemed plausible that we would have an agreement in place by Spring. As with so many other plans and projects, it was not meant to be. The trees haven’t complained about the delay, though, and we have made very slow progress over the last months. The Constantine Enterprises Company (CEC) Board reviewed a revised version of the lease agreement at its October meeting. If all goes to plan, we should now have a lease signed by the end of the year. The hope is that we can celebrate community stewardship of the 2 acre parcel with a socially-distanced, staggered-shift work party on New Year’s Day.

We already have about 50 individuals and households who have pledged support as Friends of the Glebe, and offered to pay a small annual subscription (£10 suggested, more welcome) to help cover the costs of the lease and the insurance. If you are interested in becoming a Friend and contributing to conversations about future plans, please email me at Even before COVID-19 slowed down the world,our intention was to begin very gradually with light touch maintenance and restoration of some of the overgrown paths and features. We’ll take down the estate agent’s signs from Sentry Path and ensure access for all villagers into the future. The special place through the old granite gateposts will stay mostly as it is now, with a bit more care around the edges.