Constantine Cornwall

Constant Times Reshuffle

The first issue of The Constant Times rolled off the presses in March 2012, and the paper has been a (more or less) constant feature in the village in the four years since then. We now have a solid group of contributors and a loyal base of advertisers. The Constant Times editorial team has been fairly stable throughout, with Benjamin Symes acting as overall editor (responsible for communications and advertising), Caitlin DeSilvey handling layout, and Russ Johnston managing production/ printing and distribution. A few issues back Elly Van Veen took over calendar editing from Lottie Symes, but otherwise things have remained fairly stable.

With the next issue were looking at a bit of a shake-up, as Caitlin and Russ bow out for a year sabbatical and Ben begins to hand over the reins. Antonia Mullaly will be taking over as layout editor, and will gradually be inheriting some of Ben editorial tasks. Chris Hussey has volunteered to tend the printers in the Tolmen Centre print room. Distribution will be managed by the wider Transition Constantine team, in collaboration with the current volunteer delivery crew. Hopefully the transition will be smooth, but we ask for your patience as the new editors learn the ropes. Keep sending news and calendar items to, deadline for next issue 16 March!