Constantine Cornwall

Constantine Community Land Trust

Unfortunately I have to report that we have failed to get approval of our scheme for 14 houses for sale at Bridge. The Planning Officer Mark Ball responded to our Pre-App enquiry in a very negative and subjective manner although it was supported, with caveats, by the Housing Officer Sarah Roberts, and in our view complied with Policy.

Also, Coastline have submitted a scheme for 28 units of which 20 are for rent and 8 for shared ownership which will be approved, in my opinion. This will extend the village towards Brill (which is where they want it to go). It is thought that with this lack of support, together with the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated worries on employment and confidence, there is no point in us proceeding any further at the moment. I therefore have to advise that this CLT is going into hibernation for a while.

Richard Colbert, Chairman