Constantine Cornwall

Farmers Market Profile: A Hidden Gem


Visitors to the Farmers Market often comment on the fantastic display on our veg stand. The wide variety of beautiful fresh vegetables and fruit all laid out with great bunches of leafy greens, different kales, herbs, bright orange carrots, baskets of unusual chillies and knobbly looking roots, along with all the staples: spuds, parsnips, onions, etc. Even in mid February or March there will be plenty to tempt for delicious, filling home-made soups and veg to go with a Sunday roast.

But it is Andrea who runs the stall who is the hidden gem here! A Hungarian reporter who moved to Cornwall to work with her sister Monika at Fox Farm in Gulval, owned and run by Monika husband Laurence Blewett. They now have 14 polytunnels (two dedicated to dahlias and cut flowers) the rest full of their gorgeous veg, over 200 different poultry and 2 working horses! The chickens, ducks and other birds are truly free range, Andrea tells me, I should know as I have to chase them all into the henhouse at night! We arent officially organic mainly because of the expense, but we use only tiny amounts of chemicals and pesticides, which mean our veg has a wonderful flavor. They are planning to grow more unusual veg – so if you are unsure what something is or how to prepare it just ask Andrea and she will have lots of ideas. Celeriac mash? Or try finely chopped kale tossed in a little olive oil and salt spread onto a baking tray and roasted in a hot oven – delicious!

Mandy Milano