Constantine Cornwall

Free timber from fallen oak trees at Goongillings

Over the past year we have lost three large oak trees at Goongillings – all in close proximity to our wildlife pond down by the creek.

We don’t really understand what has caused this – it could have been prolonged dry spells (yes we did have some in 2018 and 2019!) or it could have been prolonged wet spells in late 2019 and 2020.

The two biggest trees which must be at least 100 years old – fell from opposite sides of the pond towards the water, and left a large number of branches hanging over the pond surface.

During the summer, I managed to trim a good number of these and devised a system of cutting branches so they fell into the water and then using a long rope to haul them across the pond and out onto the bank to be cut into lengths.

This left the large – very large – main parts of the trees lying on the bank of the pond, too big for me to deal with. It needs someone able to deal with big hunks of tree and with some use for what is a huge quantity of oak timber – some suitable for firewood, and some, maybe, able to be made into useable building wood.

If any Constant Times reader knows anyone who might want to have a project to get all this wood taken away, they can have it for free as long as the site is left tidy afterwards.

The location is away from the public access and is fairly easy to get to across the fields – but as they are on the bank of a large pond getting the wood moved won’t be easy. It will take lots of chain-sawing and dragging the timber to where it can be either cut up small or loaded onto trailers to take away.

I can be contacted on 01326 340630 or 07799777730 and will happily show anyone interested where the trees are (but please don’t set off looking for them without contacting me first).