Constantine Cornwall

Glebe Garden

Caitlin DeSilvey

The Glebe Garden is an area of 2.12 acres adjacent to the Brillwater stream, owned by the Diocese of Truro. It was developed in Victorian times by one of the village vicars and was later planted as an orchard by a local family.

More recently, the lease was taken in 1989 by the Parish Council, and sub- stantial restoration and maintenance was carried out in the early 1990s. The Parish Council lease lapsed some years back, and although a footpath through the land remains, it has largely reverted to an un-maintained woodland with informal public access.

At the end of 2019 the Glebe land was advertised for sale or lease. After initial discussions, Transition Constantine submitted a tender on the 2 January deadline with a tentative proposal to lease the land and secure continued public access. The Diocese has now confirmed that it is willing to offer the woodland to let to Transition Constantine, pending approval from the Constantine Enterprises Company (CEC) Board.

Transition Constantine is interested to consult with the wider community to establish the scale of support and the focus of interest of those wishing to be involved, should the proposal go forward. Some general principles for future management are emerging from conversations with interested parties: there will be no commercial activity; the land will be lightly managed as a community woodland and wildlife reserve; any restoration work will be carried out gradually and incrementally, to preserve the special character of the place.

Transition Constantine is currently gathering expressions of interest and support from local residents.

If you would like more information, please email Robin Curtis: