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Glebe Woodland Lease

Transition Constantine Update
Caitlin DeSilvey

Thanks to the support and patience of the CEC board, we now have agreement on a final version of the lease that will allow for community stewardship of the Glebe Woodland. Our hoped for start date has been delayed slightly as we wait for South West Water to finish their work expanding the holding capacity of the pumping station at the entrance to the woods. The understanding is that once the work is completed the area will be restored to something like the condition it was in prior to the works starting, so it will likely be May or perhaps later before we can take up the lease (and begin our own works).

In February we sent a call-out to people who had pledged support over the last year to cover the necessary set-up expenses, insurance and annual lease payment, approximately £600. We’ve now raised about half of what is needed, and will be doing another appeal once we have the lease start date confirmed. If you would like to be included in updates, or offer a donation, please email me at