Constantine Cornwall

Gweek Players to premiere home-grown drama on-line

Gweek Players have not been idle these past few months, putting skits, poems and songs on YouTube as well as demonstrations of favourite recipes. Their next venture is an online murder mystery – The Village Hall Murder – written by our very own David Ivall. It will be premiered online on Monday, 1st March.

The story so far:
Petra Lyttleton, the overbearing Hall Bookings Secretary, upsets or falls out with a number of people in the village. She is then found dead on the stage. Speculation runs rife. There are many people with a possible motive but, since the hall door lock had recently been changed, very few people have keys and all of them have an alibi! Or do they? Can those under suspicion discover the identity of the true murderer?

BUT NOT EVEN THE CAST KNOW WHODUNNIT YET! And they won’t know until the final cut!

(We are only going to tell the murderer and their scene co-actor) The action will be recorded on Zoom but filmed by the cast themselves to comply with the latest lockdown restrictions. It will include all the attention to detail of an onstage Gweek Players’ production thanks to our Creative team, who will consult and liaise with the cast to source costumes, sets, props, sound effects and lighting within their own bubble.

The Village Hall Murder will be directed by Emma Phillips and produced by Mandy Rolleston, our artistic and technical duo!

To register to watch our online drama, please email