Constantine Cornwall

Housing Needs Survey Results In

Results from the Housing Needs Survey conducted on our behalf by Cornwall Council have now been analysed and returned. Although there was a relatively low response rate (90 surveys completed), the responses received demonstrate broad support for the scheme. The Council produced a bullet point summary of the findings, reproduced below in full:

‚ô¶ local need for between 15-20 affordable homes within the Parish


‚ô¶ predominant need for 2 and 3 bed accommodation


‚ô¶ broadly divided support for affordable rented and affordable ownership


‚ô¶ preference for affordable home ownership rather than rent

‚ô¶ desire for some self-built homes

‚ô¶ majority who want to live in the parish

‚ô¶ high degree of support for providing more affordable housing

‚ô¶ level of support for around 20 affordable homes

♦ need for between 10-25 workspaces for an average rent of £55pw

‚ô¶ general concern to ensure that the number and location of affordable homes provided is appropriate, they are eco-friendly, of good quality, and aimed specifically at local people so as to promote sustainability.

With documented need and evidence of public approval for a scheme of this kind, Cornwall Council is happy for Constantine Community Land Trust to proceed with planning. Thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to contribute to what was admittedly a fairly involved procedure. We were particularly heartened by the apparently high level of support for the project, especially since almost 70% of re- spondents were not themselves in need of housing. The next public event will be our Annual General Meeting in April, at which a Board of Directors will be elected. In the meantime, the Steering Group meets regularly every second Wednesday at 7.30 pm (next meeting 11 Feb), at the Social Club, and all are welcome to attend.

Russ Johnston