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If you go down to the woods today…

Bosahan Woods Management Team Quarterly Report – 8 July 2020 – Liz Pearce

We have been unable to have a Team Meeting since 2019, due to ill health and the Coronavirus lockdown, although we have kept in touch via emails.

Firstly we have had a considerable number of people say to us how much they have appreciated having the woods available to them, with family friendly paths during lock down. The bluebell season was beautiful.

Sadly I have to report that wood we had harvested from the necessary felling of dangerous trees under licence, and which was stored at Bosahan Quarry, has been stolen along with 7 x 7”x2” 4 meter lengths of sawn wood (path edging) and some drainage piping. This has been reported to the police and our local Police Community Support Officer Paul Whitford has been looking into the case for us, also following up on some additional information we received from the public. The felled lengths of wood were for resale to provide an income for the future maintenance of the woods and to fulfil our VAT requirements. In fact it had been sold and was awaiting collection after lock down.

Some good news, The signs at the four entrances to our woods have been com- pleted and are in place on specially prepared surfaces of existing granite boulders. .This was work that the benefactor stipulated in the gift of the woods to CEC. We need to thank Chris Hussey for all his hard work in designing the signs, consulting widely, obtaining quotes for work and seeing the operation through to the end.

A number of fallen trees and logs at one point were damming the stream, prevent- ing the flow of water down the stream, thus the water was making inroads into the path and undermining other tree roots. A hard working volunteer has sorted this problem. Thank you.

Financially, we have been very fortunate to recently receive a large donation which is gift aided, which we are very grateful for and which we will put to good use. Thank you from all of us, both Woods management and users.

A Dens and Swings inspection was carried out on 13 July and the following noted. The large swing at the north end of the top path now has a visible bracket fungus growth on it, adjacent to the blue polypropylene rope attachment. According to our tree professionals and online information the “bracket” appears only when the disease is advanced and the fungus has invaded the hardwood core of the tree. We already have an example of bracket fungus which has brought down half of a large beech between the upper and lower paths, near where the very large recently fallen tree currently is awaiting attention. This will need to be professionally looked at asap.

There is a new den, charmingly decorated and with a welcoming notice, which is fine, between the middle and river bank paths about 150m north of the fallen beech blocking the middle path. The previously noted dens and swings have not changed since the last report and there are no signs of any change in risk status of any of them.

New possible hazards are a broken branch overhanging the Forest School camp circle and a slender tree overhanging our boundary line, which should be considered for removal. Thank you Adrian for another excellent report.