Constantine Cornwall

January 2009 Newsletter

We are enormously pleased with the selection of performances that we have managed to schedule for the next few months, with shows and companies of proven quality, and where possible, shows that have been seen by us or recommended as right for our venue and our audience. There is a good deal of music in the programme ‚ something which we have been trying to work towards, though it is more by happenstance than deliberate this time.

The first to note is the visit of Louis de Bernieres (famous for Captain Corelli Mandolin) who along with flautist Ilone Antonius Jones brings us Music and Poetry Рa lighthearted mixture of poetry music and badinage on Friday January 16th at 7.30, a Carn to Cove production. Details were on the previous leaflet, tickets are £7 (concessions £6)

Jumping forward, in early March we are putting on The Second Tolmen International Guitar Symposium ‚ 4 days of top quality music ‚ this time with a wider blend of modern and jazz guitar as well as classical. There is a separate leaflet about this event coming round, and much more detail will follow. A hugely exciting and ambitious project, tickets are already on sale for the four big evening concerts ‚ plus workshops, lunchtime recitals and more.

However, the rest of the programme contains material of excellent and proven quality ‚ centred around the trio of Venue Cornwall supported shows, all of which we saw at the Edinburgh Festival last summer and specially selected to bring to the Tolmen Centre. The help of Venue Cornwall is gratefully acknowledged in making these shows available us in deepest Cornwall. Without this help they would have all been beyond our budget.

The trio are Aeneas Faversham Forever (The Penny Dreadfuls), Scaramouche Jones (Justin Butcher) and Musical Arson (Pluck). Though they are all quite different, each would form the highlight of a season. Amazingly, the help from Venue Cornwall allows us to present all three between now and May. We can recommend each wholeheartedly having seen them ourselves and hope our audience will turn out in numbers to do justice to them.

Aeneas Faversham Forever starts the season on January 31st ‚ and those who listen late at night to Radio 4 may have heard the hilarious four week serialisation of their previous ‘Faversham’ show over Christmas and New Year. Their shows are all about the dashing, heroic, but ultimately incompetent Brothers Faversham ‚ Victorian gentlemen adventurers ‚ each of whom forms the basis of a comedy/drama. Aeneas is the latest ‚ but not necessarily the last!
This young company make wonderful comedy theatre ‚ guaranteed to create laughter. At Edinburgh every night was sold out and we had to cadge tickets to get in ‚ but it it was well worth it. Think Monty Python, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and some Big Train but mostly expect great theatrical comedy. The Penny Dreadfuls are on a rising trajectory ‚ dont miss this chance to see them live ‚ here in Constantine for one night only and with no other performances anywhere in the West Country.

With a definitely musical theme, this promises to be an excellent season at the Tolmen Centre. Please support us and come to as many shows as you can, not forgetting our regular home produced shows, events, and occasional films in between. We are told that audiences everywhere are difficult to attract in the shadow of turbulent economic times. Nevertheless, even when finances are tight, our ticket prices are as low as can be found anywhere, and with material of this quality represent excellent value for money. We depend on our audience support to be able to continue bringing excellence to our little village venue ‚ so roll up roll up! You wont be disappointed!