Constantine Cornwall

Meanwhile, down on the farm with Bosahan’s Simmentals….

Bridget Olds talks about the challenges and changes for pedigree beef breeders as a result of Covid-19

The vast majority of us have never experienced anything that has impacted on our daily lives akin to the measures to slow the spread of the Covid 19 virus. We have responded in a variety of ways to manage the restrictions to our freedoms that we have always taken for granted.

It will be interesting to observe the changes to working practices, education, retail shopping and relationships with our families that will endure beyond government lockdown. There of course have be vast financial implications for thousands of businesses.

Livestock markets have had to be creative in finding ways to promote and sell breeding stock which really are the lifeblood of a continuing robust food chain whatever facet of agriculture is involved. For the first time we have extensively used online Simmental promotions, social media and online auctions (just like ebay for cattle) to offer the breeding bulls and females we have had for sale this spring. The positives are the cattle have stayed on the farm, not been hauled for hours to Society Sales, and we haven’t needed accommodation, pay for transport and prepare them for showing. A photo shoot maintaining social distancing was interesting.An emergency c-section on a cow with a breech presentation which turned out to be twins was more of a challenge. As you can imagine delivering two babies weighing 43 and 40 kilos required several pairs of hands. The backwards bull calf had already died but Georgia the cow and Lucky her daughter are thriving and humans involved keeping well. Next time you take your daily exercise you might see them in the field in front of the blue farmhouse together with our youngest calves and their dams. Only one more to calve in the maternity wing until the autumn.

The rain a while back may have driven your gardens into overdrive but we were delighted to see it. The barley is now well established in the fields opposite electric station and the silage fields around the cricket club and beside the electric station are bulking up nicely. Meanwhile the cattle are oblivious to issues of the day. Love the sun on their backs, are the picture of contentment and have no idea what two metres apart means!