Constantine Cornwall

Meeting the Covid challenge at Constantine Surgery

It’s been a challenging year at the Mullion & Constantine practice, with lots of changes and new ways of working. It’s also been inspiring to see people helping each other to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic.

At the surgery we have seen people keen to help with deliveries of medicines to people who are isolating. We have also benefited from the help of the “Friends of Constantine Surgery” charity, who have purchased the “COVID cabin” which helps us to see patients while minimising the risk of infection to the staff or other patients. We are gradually starting to open the surgery again bit by bit.

This is possible as more and more of the vulnerable patient groups are vaccinated and pro- tected against the COVID virus. In the coming months we hope that we will be able to open the premises more fully, but this will be a gradual process.

Meanwhile, the practice is doing well with the COVID vaccine rollout with about 97% of people in the top four patient risk groups having been vaccinated with their first dose, and about 50% of people in all the patient risk groups having been vaccinated with their first dose (at the time of writing).

As a practice, we would like to thank you all for continuing to work with us, and our special thanks to the Friends of Constantine Surgery who are continuing to support us with improving the Surgery to cope with COVID.

Dr David Roberts