Constantine Cornwall

Milestone reached for Tolmen ‘Love Me Restore Me’ campaign

Tracey Clowes, Hon. Chair, Constantine Enterprises Company

The Show Must Go On

On 14 February 2019 we launched, with a `Crowdfunder’ campaign, the Tolmen ‘Love Me Restore Me’ project. After 18 months of trawling grant providers, chasing quotes, and generally thinking we were living in some parallel challenging universe, we have done it!!! We have reached our £54,500 target, meaning we can replace the roof on our fantastic Tolmen Centre. We are all still pinching ourselves as we cannot quite believe it.

The Constantine Enterprise Company (CEC) would like to say an enormous thank-you to:

  • Garfield Weston
  • The Tanner Trust
  • The Bernard Sunley Foundation
  • Power to Change/Locality
  • The Tolmen Operating Company
  • The Tolmen Crowdfunder Community
  • And the very many generous local,distant, and anonymous donors.

We encountered some of the roof grant funders, (Garfield Weston) 22 years ago when they first supported us as we were setting off on our journey to convert a Victorian Methodist Chapel into what has become a countywide-known, and respected Arts Centre. YOU HAVE ALL had the faith in us to get the job done, and if we could, we would give you a massive hug and invite you to a celebration get together. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the contract for the roof replacement has gone to Landstone Construction Ltd, a Constantine Building Company who have worked with the CEC before and know our building very well. We are hoping work will begin late September or early October, with completion before Christmas (weather permitting)

If you remember, we launched our ‘Put it on the Slate’ appeal last October at the Big Community Lunch. Many of you now have roof slates with your names and stories on them about how you have used the Tolmen Centre over the years. We only have 80 available so if you wish to be part of our history roof then please contact me (340279) These slates will all form part of the new roof, being there for future generations who will read our stories next time they decide to replace the roof!!!!!!!!

So we move on, feeling positive, to Phase Three and the final stage of the Tolmen ‘Love Me Restore Me’ project – the window repair and replacement. We have made the decision to tackle them one by one as funds allow as so many grants have naturally been diverted to support the COVID crisis.

At the moment the building is dormant – we are having, like so many theatres, an interval, but behind the scenes we are preparing for our new chapter and whatever that brings. In the words of one of world’s greatest bands ‘The show must go on’ and my goodness, we are determined that it will.

See you in 2021!