Constantine Cornwall

More News from the Front

Every glimmer of sunshine is greeted with shouts of ‚ Huzzar! by the 32nd Cornish Regiment of the Foot. Following some musket-shatteringly cold and blustery drill days through the winter, Cornwall’s only Napoleonic Re-enactment regiment are marching into the new season with their best boots forward.

Most recently, our faithful ladies and gentlemen of the 32nd could be seen demonstrating their drill, and getting embroiled in firing competitions at a multi-era event in Wales. More than one of our regiment found themselves chronologically confused at points, with one foot soldier spending the first evening as a Viking (such is the beauty of multi-era events). Gender also became somewhat pliable as our Marvellous Miss Edwards switched from her role as soldier in the ranks (well placed padded sock and stick on sideburns optional) to fine Regency lady and back again with her usual dash and ease. Our heroine did however draw the accuracy line at stew-in-a-tin, choosing instead to roast chickens on spits over the camp fire, with delicious consequences. An army does indeed march on its stomach.

Our next trick as the Cornish militia is to ride into Kent to the Battle of the Nations, England’s biggest Napoleonic event of 2013. We’re preparing for all weathers and temperatures (lots of sewing involved). From lightweight chemises to thermal bloomers, preparation is the key to comfort, particularly when it comes to sleeping arrangements, in canvas military tents: brrrr!


We fear not the cold on our next major event abroad, however – the 200th anniversary battle of Vitoria in Northern Spain at the end of June. Such is the gravity of the occasion that the town itself has decided to treat all re-enactors by offering a free tapas with every drink, Salud! But, until then, I return to my post behind my sewing machine, with some thick and thermal fabrics. (Saluting!) Signing off.

Nichola Butland (Lyrebird Costume and Sewing Services 340878)