Constantine Cornwall

New Tolmen Centre roof finally complete and the seagulls love it!

Tracey Clowes, Hon. Chair, Constantine Enterprises Company

A month shy of two years since we launched our Tolmen ‘Love Me Restore Me’ Campaign, the roof
work is complete. The final section of scaffolding came down mid-January and the slated slopes are looking fantastic! The guttering has been replaced along with the downpipes to the two side elevations, and bat slates have been put in place on the north-west slope of the roof in consultation with the bat specialist.

If the amount of guano is anything to go by, the seagulls are also well pleased with their new perching spot! The timberwork to the roof is generally sound, timber treatment has been carried out and insulation installed in the roof void. Thanks go to all involved in the co-ordination of this phase of our project, with special thanks to Richard Thomas, Marc Lothian, Andy, Phil and all the crew at Landstone Construction who have worked in some very inhospitable conditions at times to get the roofing complete.

So, what next? As I write we have a plasterer in situ completing internal plaster repairs around the large upstairs arched window and the kitchen/café walls. This damage arose due to water ingress from the failing roof and downpipes over many years. We also have a minor area of audi- torium ceiling to repair, not an uncommon problem in a building dating from the late Victorian period. Once we can be sure all the dust has settled and Covid restrictions allow, we shall be back into the building for a thorough clean.

On to phase three of the project – the 22 windows, most requiring some attention either repair/restoration and 1 total replacement. Constantine Enterprises Company would like to thank Constantine Parish Council who in December generously donated £2000 to assist with this phase of the project, recognising the importance of keeping such a wonderful village building in good order for the future. We also have ringfenced £4000 from an earlier Garfield Weston Grant. So, for now, we shall draw breath before hopefully in the Spring beginning this part of the project, window by window.

We are so looking forward to a time (maybe now with vaccinations, in the not too distant future) when we can invite you back to the Tolmen Centre and to say in person a huge thank you for ‘keeping the faith’ both financially and on a very personal level which is enabling this vital vil- lage project to progress. We could not have done this without your support.