Constantine Cornwall

Port Navas village news

Forthcoming events? Sorry we don’t have any on the horizon. Past events? Sorry we haven’t had any of those either. However, we do plan to have a Christmas tree and lights in Port Navas organised by Village Hall committee member Roger Wickins and helped by other committee members. At least that will bring a little bit of normality to the centre of the village.

As nothing has been happening in the Hall maybe a quick summary of some other Port Navas happenings might be of interest.

The Pope’s Garden squad have continued to meet, at a distance, and do some garden maintenance. The garden has been enjoyed all through the last few months as a tranquil space to sit and think about how fortunate we are to have such places on our doorsteps. The Port Navas quay, in its now tidy state, has also been much enjoyed but at times has not been all that tranquil. It’s been good to hear happy young voices playing and crabbing, almost like normal.

The river has also been busier than usual, enjoyed by regular sailors and many body-boarders and kayakers. The 6 knot speed limit was not always observed, but new signs are now in place so the safety of the river users and the banks should improve.

At the beginning of lockdown, Cate Jones set up the Port Navas chitchat WhatsApp group, and there are now approximately 40 members. It has been a source of support and hilarity as well as a place to show beautiful photographs of the Helford and the village. Originally it helped to establish a regular shopping drop and source of information (watch out for compass jellyfish being one item). Hannah Darling has run regular quizzes on the site and although not everyone has participated in these, many of us have tried them out in the safety of our own homes. The questions have been a real challenge for some of us but they also brought out the competitive streak in many participants, all good natured though. Thank you all for contributing so much to community life by these gestures of kindness.

Finally, many congratulations to Lucy Jewson who was awarded an MBE in the latest honours list. Lucy and Kurt presented a fascinating talk in Port Navas way back in September 2019 when they spoke about their journey in establishing the ethical clothing company, Frugi, in 2004. This has now become a global brand.

Margaret Scott