Constantine Cornwall

Precious Plastic Cornwall

Let’s recycle our plastic right here in Constantine!

Everyone knows that climate change is a big problem, but sometimes it’s really hard to know what you can do to help. Precious Plastic Cornwall is something everyone can be a part of and it’s something we’re really excited to tell you about!

Recycling in Cornwall can be difficult. So it isn’t a surprise that the average home is throwing away more and more rubbish every month. In Spring 2018 the average Cornish home threw away 42kg of rubbish every month. By Autumn of last year, the most recent period that the Council has data for, this has grown to 45kg every single month. And in Cornwall we don’t use any landfills. We burn it instead, releasing a lot of CO2 and maybe other pollutants as well. This isn’t great!

Worse, the recycling isn’t increasing fast enough to make much of a difference. Yes it is increasing… and maybe it’s encouraging that the amount of household waste that is recycled is up 3 percentage points since Spring 2018. But that still means that only 22% of all household waste is actually recy- cled. All the rest gets burnt.

Precious Plastic Cornwall wants to make a dent in that. We’re taking advantage of the Precious Plastic global community (more than 80,000 strong) and we are setting up a community plastic recycling centre.

This means we can recycle the plastic here, more types than can be recycled via the kerbside collection, and it also gives us all a chance to learn about the problem, for other charities and schools and the community to be involved, and to benefit from it and to give something back (instead of shipping the plastic off to distant counties so others can recycle it and sell it back to us!).So it’s early days. There’s a small group of us who are now hard at work, but we will accept any help you can offer!

We need a location where we can put the machines. We are going to use the Precious Plastic tried-and-tested designs for a shredder and an injection moulder, but advice and help from everyone and other ideas are very welcome. We’re going to work with local businesses, local secondary schools and the local universities to help with injection mould dies and other matters. We have got some great support- ers in the council and we will be applying to them and others for help with funding.

We would love to have your help with any of these, and there are so many other things as well. If you’re interested and you’d like to know more or if you just have any questions then you can email us at


Vera & Cristo