Constantine Cornwall

Re-ordering of St Constantine Church

Part of the Matthew 20:28 Project

As many of you will know, the church here at Constantine has been looking at various ways in which we can better serve our community in very real and practical ways.

And so the Matthew 20:28 project was born. The aim of this initiative is to enable the church to be more proactive and open to a much wider variety of uses. As part of this process a plan for re-ordering the inside of the church was drawn up. Many of you attended the village consultations that were held last July when this plan was unveiled. We received a lot of feedback, most of which was positive. However there were some concerns expressed and in response the planning group have met and come up with a revised plan which has now been approved by the PCC.

The next step in the process is to have detailed plans and specifications drawn up for each part of the project in close consultation with various organisations such as the Historic Churches Trust, English Heritage, The Victorian Society, the DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee) and of course, our community here in Constantine, all of which is necessary before we can apply for a faculty. This is a very involved and complex process which will probably take at least 12 months. After this, and once a faculty has been granted, it will then be necessary to apply for grant funding to enable the project to come to fruition. This also can take a long time as different funders will support different aspects of the project.

However the Matthew 20:28 project is about much more that re-ordering the inside of the church and much work has already been done. The Mens’ Group meets on a Tuesday morning in the shed on the recreation ground and is very well attended. It would appear that people are a bit curious about this and it has raised a few questions the most common being “What do you get up to in there?” Well, we drink tea and coffee (I’m the tea boy being the youngest at 66), we eat biscuits, talk and laugh a lot and generally put the world to rights. When things get back to normal, if anyone is interested in joining us, just pop in on a Tuesday morning. We start at 10:30am and there’s always room for more.

The Moses Basket, a mums and toddler group run by Demi had been meeting in the church also on a Tuesday morning and has been going from strength to strength.

We will be setting up a food bank which will run as a satellite of the Penryn Food Bank. Also, Cornwall Family Services have asked if we could host a young families health and wellbeing clinic. More details of these two initiatives will follow when normal life resumes.

We have also established a link with Falmouth Age Concern with a view to extending a befriending service to the elderly and lonely members of our community.

I find all of these initiatives very exciting because as a church we really are doing what we are called to do, serving others after the manner of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who came not to be served, but to serve.

If anyone would like to talk about, or be part of any aspect of this project, then please do get in touch with either myself or our Churchwarden Grahame Sole.

May God bless you all.