Constantine Cornwall

Reminder – local elections on 6 May

These elections are at three levels: – Parish Council, Cornwall Council and the Devon and Cornwall Police Commissioner.

You may feel that you do not want to go out to vote in the present Covid situation, but you can do a postal vote from your home. To apply for a postal vote, go to the Cornwall Councill website and register to do so.

Statement from John Bastin

Dear Elector,
I am standing once again for election onto the Cornwall Council Unitary Authority, but this time in the new division of Constantine, Mabe and Mawnan in the hope you will re-elect me to continue the work I have carried out on your behalf.

I intend to put to good use the experience I have acquired in local government matters when fac- ing the considerable challenges of the future. I want see that the proposals to rationalise and im- prove the efficiency of local services are implemented without increased taxation and cost.

I have been concerned that the current administration has increased taxation but the value of the services you have the right to receive, shows little, if any improvement. My focus is on improving essential services, cutting down on time wasting and bureaucracy.

I have a particular interest in the environment and the very real threat of Climate Change. We have an opportunity in the post-Covid era to make use of what the pandemic has taught us about the way we live and to ensure that local need is very much respected in our thinking.

I would like to reassure you that, whatever your political persuasion, my aim is to represent each one of you from Constantine, Mabe and Mawnan. I will listen to your views and represent your concerns to the best of my ability. And, as ever, I will continue taking an active interest in the life of your community.

I look forward to representing you and ask for your support on Thursday 6 May.

Yours sincerely
John Bastin