Constantine Cornwall

Santa’s flying visit (road trip, but who cares?)

Christmas Lights Team

Having written to Santa on a regular basis for 3 score years and 1, it was with trepidation knowing his busy schedule at the end of any year, and me regularly being on someone’s naughty list, that I wrote and invited him to Constantine to see our Christmas Lights. I explained we usually had a Lantern Parade and a Big Tree switch on, but as this could not happen due to Covid restrictions, could he come along and give us some Christmas cheer (socially distanced of course)?

Everything was prepared – the bus stop looked beautiful with tree, mini sleigh, reindeer, and a lookalike Santa!!! 48 small trees lit up Fore Street gardens, and fairy lights twinkled in hedges and doorways. Other trees lit up Clinton Road, Trebarvah Road, Bridge, Brill, Port Navas, Seworgan, and inside our lovely St Constantine Church. Silhouettes were placed around the village and the Recreation Ground festoons shone brightly. The Crib scene was erected by the Junior Lights team and the crosses on the Church shone out across the Parish. We were ready!

Constantinians were invited to stand on their doorsteps at dusk on 6 December just in case Santa came past.

Getting Santa secretly into the village before the event was no problem. With the sleigh in the workshop being made ready for Christmas Eve, Santa asked if he could be pulled around on a large trailer, and so it was.

With the Christmas Lights team following on close behind, or indeed driving the Saab (Santa Alternative Arrival Buggy) pulling the trailer, Santa waved and shouted his jolly ‘ho ho ho – keep safe everyone’ message to all those who came out into the street to greet him. One Grandma commented that this visit from Santa was so very special this year as her grandchildren had not been able to go inside any shops or halls to see him. It was the highlight of their Christmas.

Along Fore Street, around Penbothidno, Bowling Green, and into Bridge – Santa was everywhere and we absolutely cannot thank him and his Chief Elf enough. It did us all ‘a world of good’.

And with a tap of his nose and a nod of the head he was gone. BUT if you listened carefully as he took his leave he was shouting ‘SEE YOU ALL ON CHRISTMAS EVE’

Wishing you all a safe and healthy 2021.