Constantine Cornwall

Second History Book of Constantine

Judging from the number of photographs and local stories that have been offered so far, Sally Coot and I both feel encouraged to go ahead with a second history book of Con stantine. This will be quite a process, and having gauged enthusiasm for the project, an important task now is to raise sufficient funds enabling us to not only get the project off the ground but ultimately for us to go to print. 

With that in mind we are hoping to organise some small-scale community fundraising events when restrictions allow, such as a coffee morning or afternoon tea, to keep eve ryone up to date, giving you a chance to see how far we have come and to share even more of your stories and photographs. How ever, until that time, and just to set the ball rolling, Sally has agreed to have a small Bric a Brac stall to raise funds on her driveway (next door to the Recreation ground) for one month. We do have some lovely bits and pieces for the stall so keep your eyes open as you walk along Trebarvah Road. 

In the meantime, my task is to start to research grant options. If anyone has ever been down the route of writing and producing a book in the past and can offer any advice or support, or help us steer clear of any pitfalls, then I would welcome a chat. Although our main aim is to produce a book, we hope to collect and collate oral history accounts along the way, which will complement the contents of the book. We are also hoping, if funds and planning permission allows, to see a listening post installed somewhere within the village. 

You can help by keeping those photo graphs and stories coming in. Every day we are making history so please don’t think you have nothing to add because you haven’t lived in Constantine for several generations. 

Sally Coot can be contacted on her email –
I can be contacted on 340279. 

Tracey Clowes