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THE ASSEMBLY OF ANIMALS comes to the Tolmen Centre for two performances. Part installation, part sculpture, and part puppetry performance, this is an exciting addition to our spring programme as part of the  “Festival of Curious Puppetry”. The show, which is suitable for all ages from 3 upwards, lasts about  half an hour, followed by an opportunity for  audience members to  explore the objects used and see how they function.

The Assembly of Animals has been performed widely across the UK and Europe to audiences of all ages and has been part of the British Council Showcase, which takes standout shows from the Edinburgh Fringe to wider audiences.

Tim Spooner is a visual artist and performance maker.   Exemplifying the low-tech, handmade yet magical quality of Spooner’s work, The Assembly of Animals is a series of demonstrated experiments, where the performers assemble, reorganise and animate an array of ingeniously constructed ‘animals’ of very different sizes and forms. Magnets, motors, inflating objects, travelling glowing liquid and other mechanisms give this complex installation a movement and life of its own.

Think of it as a series of ‘performed sculptures’ which fuse scientific experimentation together with puppetry. Creating vibrating compositions of living and inanimate matter through a combination of sound, electricity and often mundane everyday materials.

Tim Spooner’s idiosyncratic and unique performances attempt to expand our understanding of the physical world by revealing the inner life of objects.  Spooner’s work – usually non-verbal but full of vibrant sound – appeals to all ages.

After the performance, the audience is invited to explore the objects more closely and to discover the ways they function.

“Tim is an artistic inventor and creates this carefully constructed world, the delicacy of which requires consistent marvelling and leaves children entertained throughout”   (Theatre Bristol Writers)

“Absolutely fascinating, undeniably bonkers” (Children’s Theatre Reviews)

NOTE: This show is quite abstract in form, and is a long way from being a conventional puppet show. Expect to be surprised…. and inspired!

Performances at 2pm and 5pm

Tickets £5
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