Constantine Cornwall

The return of Who’s Where


In 2015 Liz Moore (with the help of Steve) published the 35th issue of Constantine’s “Who’s Where” directory of local businesses, organisations and services. It was declared as the “final” issue, since, afer 35 years of devoting a large part of January and February each year to updating the directory, Liz had quite reasonably decided enough was enough. There is no doubt though that it was an extremely useful source of information, and many will still be referring to their treasured copy of issue 35.

A number of people in the Transition Constantine group recognised the importance of “Who’s Where” as a building block of the local community, but also that it was too big a task to be shouldered largely by one person. There was a move to start updating the listing of businesses as a group activity. The aim was to make it more of a ‘digital’ process, trying to get email addresses for all those listed so that future administration and updates could be managed by that route rather than by checking updates for every item by tele- phone. As a project, it lost focus for a long time, but the last collection of business listings has recently been updated, and it’s time to move on to the next stage – refreshing all the contact details for clubs, societies, sports groups and all other local organisations.

The purpose of this article is to provide a ‘call for information’ – to all those organisations that wish to be listed – to send the following details by email to 

  • the organisation name (e.g. “Constantine Christmas Lights”);
  • a brief description of what the organisation does; and for each contact to be published:
  • the person’s role (e.g. Chair, Secretary,Treasurer);
  • the person’s name;
  • their contact details (telephone and/or mobile phone number and/or email address).
    There has to be at least one contact provided, but more can be published as required. In the same way, any business not listed in the last Who’s Where that would like to be included, please contact the same email address giving these details:
  • a contact name and/or the business name;
  • optionally, the business address;
  • a brief description of the product or service offered;
  • contact details to be published(telephone and/or mobile phone number and/or email address. For both organisation and business entries, the email address used to contact Who’s Where will only be published if given as a public contact in the details above; it will, though, be used by the Who’s Where team for future contacts, e.g. checks for updates.
  • Finally – the inevitable Data Protection plea – to anyone who sends information as called for above, please say when you email that you give permission to the Who’s Where team to hold this data. We will only use it to publish Who’s Where, and to administer updates. We will not pass any of it to any other organisation. If you don’t give permission, we can’t hold the data or publish it!

The intention is to work towards a new Who’s Where booklet in stages. The updated business listing is already visible on the village website here, and there is also a version you can print or download as a PDF.

Once all the local organisation details have been gathered, these will be added to the website and to the downloadable document. At that point we will see whether there is still a general desire to have an advertising-funded booklet freely available to all local residents.