Constantine Cornwall

Tolmen Centre ‘Love Me Restore Me’ update

The Constantine Enterprises Company (which owns the Tolmen Centre) is absolutely thrilled to announce that it has received a grant from ‘Awards For All’ (National Lottery Community Fund) for £10 000 as part of our ‘Love Me Restore Me’ campaign. Our aim is to replace the deteriorating roof, repair or replace the windows, and resurface the car park. The ‘Awards For All’ grant is specifically to be spent on the car park and we hope that work will commence sometime before Christmas, replacing the old tarmac surface which is full of huge holes, with granite imprinted cement surface. This surface will be hard wearing and last for many years, as well as looking extremely attractive complementing the exterior Victorian facade.

We have been unsuccessful with a grant application to ‘Rural Communities’, however we are still waiting to hear from grant applications we submitted in July to the ‘Millward Trust’ and to the ‘Denise Coates Trust,’ and as I write we are just about to submit an application to ‘Trusthouse’. We are also undertaking research to enable us to submit an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund, but this does require a substantial amount of work and consultation before we can even put pen to paper.

We are also aware of a number of grant providers who require the applicant to have 50% of the funds in place before accepting an application. Presently with all our fundraising, ‘Crowd funder’, ‘Tanner Trust’, and ‘Awards for All’, we have just over £31,000. The total cost for all of the work required on the Tolmen building is £98 000 so we are a long way short, but remain optimistic as well as realistic, in that we still have a lot of hard work ahead of us and it is not going to be quick or easy.

At the ‘Community Day’ in September we launched our ‘Put It On The Slate’ appeal. Slates, we will actually be using on the roof when it is replaced, can be purchased for a small donation. Individuals or families can write or draw messages on the slate so we create a history roof for the
future. Hopefully in many years to come when the roof next needs replacing there will be a record of those who have loved, and used, and helped, to restore the building. If you would like to purchase a slate for yourself or your family please contact me on 01326 340279 or look out for us at future village events.

To everyone who has offered support over the last few months with donations, grant writing, or just words of encouragement – thank you as it really is a roller coaster of emotions. If you have any brilliant ideas for fundraising then please, please do get in touch.